If any sign out of Aries, Leo, Sagterious or Scorpio rises in 10th house, there are fair chances of becoming a doctor. The Sun and Venus are the significator planets for medicine and professions connected with medicine.


Rahu is the planet connected with poison. The poison is also known as venom in medical terminology. The medicine has linkages with both chemistry and herbs. The chemical substances are usually poisonous in nature and thus, its nexus can be traced with Rahu. Herbs are attributed with Moon, as Moon is a watery planet that provides motherly care to the herbs to grow and thrive. Medical profession is a conventional profession, since human beings, and for that matter all other animals put into use medicines, in one or the other form, since their existence in the earth to get relief from the pain of ailments.

Ketu has some role here to play. Besides medicine, the other prominent parts of the medical profession are surgery, dentistry, etc.

Saturn And Medical Doctors

The Mars is the significator planet here. The placement and combination of various planets in different houses in the natal chart are indicative of whether an individual would go for medical profession or not. The career and jobs connected with medical profession are many and numerous now a day. The top-most being the renowned physicians and surgeons in their respective filed of specializations, the scientists involved in research and developments to bring meaningful progress in the medical arena, bio-medical engineers involved in developing medical aids and instruments, nurses and so on.

The Moon makes one nurse, midwife, and jobs in other supporting field in medical profession. Like Like. Conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in the 12th house.

Medical Profession and Astrological Combinations Go A Long Way!!

Lords of 1 and 10 Venus and Moon in mutual kendras. Association between the 10th lord Moon and the 6th lord Jupiter Jupiter aspecting Moon. Read Free For 30 Days. Combinations to Be in Doctor Profession. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next.

Jump to Page. Search inside document. According to Varahmihira, Sun has an acknowledged rulership over medical profession.

Sun, Saturn and Jupiter in lagna, Mars in 2. Saravana Kumar. Varaha Mihira. Sharon Wilson. Viviana Puebla. Sunil Rupani. Sastry Karra.

Doctor or Surgeon Yoga in Astrology

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Anonymous 7CxwuBUJz3. Mahak Shah. Marion D. Malefic and Benefice Planets - What they give in Life! A Bhrigu Nadi Principle of signs and Planets! Navamasha Predictive Astrology! Shri Amit Shah and Election Yeddyurappa's Fate Today in Karnataka's Assembly. Shanker Adawal is a man who dons many hats; from strategizing in the corporate boardroom to warding off ill effects of planetary misconfigurations, all come under his repertoire of rich knowledge, experience and vast skill sets. He is also passionate about promotion of human rights. Currently, President, Corporate Affairs, Reliance Industries, he can be aptly described as a seasoned management professional, accomplished astrologer, activist and an author - all rolled into one.

Read More. Home About Contact. Bhrigu-Nadi Astrology Research Portal. Recent Posts. Planets and Doctor Profession Part 1. Shanker Adawal. Part 1. According to Varaha Mihira, Ravi has an acknowledged rulership over medical profession. Ravi in conjunction with or in trine to Mars either in powerful aspect with Guru, signifies medicine. Ravi in trine to nodes or in conjunction with them, Mars in conjunction with Rahu, Sani as lord of the 10 th in trine to nodes can make one a doctor.

According to Uttarakalamrita, Ketu signifies medical profession. The yardstick used to decide conferment of such a respectable title is not known to us. I wonder if the institutions conferring such title even know the reasons. The ancient literature of astrology tells us only about a doctor and not specialization on diseases regarding various parts of the human body. The doctor is supposed to ascertain the cause and seat of the disease and the medicine most likely to prove beneficial when administered.

Constitution of human body varies very much and what may benefit one may injured another. A study of medical astrology will enable one to know which planet is likely to benefit most and by using suitable cure may easily be effected.

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Disease is a condition where vitality is reduced and the normal functions are not satisfactorily performed. So there are two types of doctors — one dealing with preventive medicine and the other with the curative medicine. The Lagna determines the physical strength or otherwise. The planets according to their affliction of the luminaries cause disease depending on the Rasis occupied by them, and their nature. The constellation Aswani is ruled by twins, the doctors for Devas. Ketu is exalted in Vrischik another house ruled by Mars. Rahu being a part of Ketu deserves to be included.

Moon governs life and rules over Karkataka Rasi. Sun is the life himself as he governs vitality and heart. Moon governs all herbs used in medicine.