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In astrological lore the Moon phases are often said to reflect phases of the soul, . During the Gibbous phase a sense and acceptance of 'Trust' is needed.

Recommended Posts. Guest guest. Report post. Posted January 10, Saturn is the planet of hard-work. Ketu is the planet of selflessness, evolution and rising above the shackles of the material world.

If two of these planets are together and the third planet aspects them, it gives Tapaswi yoga. He forgets everything and pursues something single-mindedly. Tapaswis usually dedicate themselves to research and uncover the secrets of the world. A tapaswi can be into yoga, mantra, tantra, astrology or even physics or chemistry. If AK chara atma karaka — soul also aspects or conjoins the planets involved in Tapaswi yoga, this tapas will be more fruitful and will be a continuation of the efforts of the past lives AK is one's link with the past lives.

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Posted January 12, Hi Sanjay, in addition to what you wrote here, I remember that tapaswi yoga is also formed when at least two of the three Saturn, Venus and Ketu are found in trines to the lagna in navamsha I think the exact word was called 'swamsa'. Well anyways, do you happen to know if results might be different for this yoga when saturn or venus is retrograde?


I'm wondering because I have this yoga and it seems to be pretty strong in my chart, but it doesn't seem to be pretty strong in my life Then in the navamsha I have saturn in capricorn rising, venus in taurus, rahu in gemini and ketu in sag Anyways, I have saturn retrograde, so I wonder if this factor has anything to do with my not performing any 'tapas'.

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this. I have Taurus Asc. Some more tapaswi definitions. If the Karakamsa The sign occupied by AK in Navamsha with Kethu has the aspect of Sani, he will become a Tapaswi or recluse or be adependent and servant under somebody. Your content will need to be approved by a moderator. You are commenting as a guest. If you have an account, please sign in.

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Navamasha Predictive Astrology! Shri Amit Shah and Election Yeddyurappa's Fate Today in Karnataka's Assembly. Shanker Adawal is a man who dons many hats; from strategizing in the corporate boardroom to warding off ill effects of planetary misconfigurations, all come under his repertoire of rich knowledge, experience and vast skill sets. He is also passionate about promotion of human rights. Currently, President, Corporate Affairs, Reliance Industries, he can be aptly described as a seasoned management professional, accomplished astrologer, activist and an author - all rolled into one.

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    Bhrigu-Nadi Astrology Research Portal. Recent Posts. Shanker Adawal. The ancient Indian tradition did not lay so much stress on achievements at the material plane as on dissociating one from the temptations of the world. Normally one gets different shades of renunciation in the pursuit of the highest Truth to the lowest ones who indulge in the vilest of deeds in the garb of saintliness. Some of the common combinations of Sanyas yoga are as under:.

    Tapaswi is born. The nature of Sanyasa depends upon the strongest planet of the group. The native had five exalted planets. The 9 th lord Venus was exalted in mystique sign of Jupiter Pisces. The 10 th lord Mars was exalted in 12 th house of Moksha. The Lagna- 12 th lord Saturn was exalted in 9 th house of Dharma. The 10 th house of 10 th lord is occupied by Saturn itself aspected by Jupiter.

    Both the luminaries are posited in Lagna in Subha Kartari between exalted 9 th and 10 th lords. All these strong combinations made him an highly evolved soul, who could awake powers of Kundalini third eye. Tajika Yogas. Vahan Conveyance Yoga.

    Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Miscellaneous Yoga, Chapter XVI, Part – 4

    Since ancient times one is keen to have the best, the fastest and the most comfortable conveyances, whether it is animal driven of olden times or motor propelled vehicles of the modern age. Sometimes, a native, being a high government official, can have pleasure of conveyance without owning any. Some of the combinations for this yoga are as under:. The native is a big industrialist of UP and married locally into a big business family with handsome dowry.

    Thus there is a clear nexus among lagna, 4 th , 10 th , and 11 th houses. He enjoys Gajkesari yoga in 3 rd — 12 th house. The next dasha of 9 th th lord exalted Mercury should also be equally rewarding. Both the native and his wife had a hobby of owning and enjoying number of latest luxury fleet of cars.

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