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In astrological lore the Moon phases are often said to reflect phases of the soul, . During the Gibbous phase a sense and acceptance of 'Trust' is needed.

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Heal yourself and remove conditions online: Access the videos through iTunes U, download the QuickTime files or horoscopes mizz magazine watch them online here. You need to really believe in the spell and experience the joy and magazine pain horoscopes mizz of loving someone. Psychic Readings tune into details mizz magazine horoscopes in all aspects of your life.

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Britney Spears' Astrological Chart Analysis: Softly Whispered ASMR

At certain times you get the feeling that the phone out ready to be consulted for problem-solving, decision-making, creative inspiration, and wisdom. Concentrating too hard can close are grouped around trees with knotted branches that resemble the claws of ghoulish monsters reaching out to snatch mizz magazine horoscopes mizz unwitting magazine horoscopes passers-by on their way to festive holiday celebrations.

Bliss magazine closes: Another glossy victim of the screen-age generation

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IPC Media is launching a special summer edition of its weekly teen magazine Mizz for its core readership of girls aged between 10 and The page Mizz Summer Special will feature a mix of celebrity gossip, fashion, beauty, horoscopes and quizzes, as well as competitions, entertainment and food tips for girls during the summer holidays. Commenting on the launch, the magazine's editor, Sharon Christal, said: "Whether our readers are stuck in Blighty or lucky enough to jet off somewhere hot, our Summer Special is a perfect way to kick-start their biggest holiday of the year. It's a firm favourite with our readers and happy holidays are guaranteed.

In addition to the summer special, Mizz will also be launching its very first Puzzle Special in July. The Mizz Puzzle Special will be an A5 beach bag-sized magazine, containing quizzes and word searches. The latest ABC results for the six months to December show that Mizz has been hard hit by increased competition in the notoriously unpredictable teenage magazine sector.

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She doesn't lend her name to a particularly good game though - that bit of it is pretty rubbish. Before you think I'm being a bit unfair to judge Mystic Meg's Magic Numbers as a game, since it's clearly more of a numerology application, I bring to your attention Challenge mode, which is most definitely trying to be a game.

Mystic Meg's Magic Numbers

In it, you guide a rigid man around a maze, making sure you pick up gems along the way and stopping to answer the odd riddle or play a mini-game. It's fair to say it's pretty basic stuff.


Typical mini-games include one where you balance a ball on a see-saw, and one where you get rid of a grid of numbers by matching up three in a row. There's also one where you type in numbers as they appear on the screen, which is so difficult it's reminiscent of Brain Training turned into a torture device.

At best, you could describe Challenge mode as a way to pass the time for half an hour.

The death of the teen magazine

But then, you can pass half an hour piercing your own ears using matchsticks dipped in acid, so it's not like that's a good reason to do it. What it does do is introduce you to how numerology works - which is by turning your name and birth date into numbers then using them to make important life decisions. It's as good a way as any. Where Mystic Meg clearly excels though is in the Readings part of the game.

Here you simply enter your name, date of birth and gender and Meg gives you four numerology readings - destiny, life path, inner dreams and birthday.